Social Projects by Patrick Jackson


Solitude Project for World Wildlife Fund 

What do the most remote places of the world look like without people? Does nature need us or do we need it? How does it feel to be lost in the mountain peaks, where for hundreds of kilometers there is not a single person? In collaboration with WWF, I presented the Solitude project in seek of the answers to these questions.
Together with other creators and artists, we went to the farthest corners of the world - to the high mountain peaks covered with snow. Our goal was to show people how calmly and majestically the mountains look without humans. Imagine that one day all the people on the planet have died off. The mountains will remain in the same place, still covered with snow. And this is the best illustration of the fact that all of our human activity is senseless fuss from the point of view of nature. I hope this project will make people around the world think about how they contribute to the ecology and the environment.


Patrick Jameson




Nature, People


December 19, 2019


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